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Nowhere else for this red panda to go.

Threats to Red Pandas== The threats to red pandas are really dangerous. The threat shown on the left is based on habitat loss or as other people call it deforestation. That is when people force red pandas to move out of their homes to build bigger cities. Red pandas are directly harvest from the wild, either alive or dead. That means they are captured from the wild. Habitat loss along with poaching is the biggest threat in India. While the biggest dangers in China seems to be hunting and poaching.Compeition with domestic livestock is when bamboo stalks are trampled by livestock.Illegal pets also has red pandas on its list. In some parts of India and Nepal red pandas are kept as pets. They are taken from its natural habitat and sold to zoos. Red pandas have a naturally low birth rate usually 1 or 2 twin births per year and a really high death toll in the wild.