Red Pandas mating!


Look at these cute red pandas or should I say shining cats mating. Red pandas fully mature at around 2-3 years. They are able to reproduce at 18 months of age. Adult red pandas rarely interact except to mate. Both sexes are able to mate with more than one partner during mating season. Mating season starts at from mid-Janurary to early March. The male shows a nice little something for the female.If she agrees to mate they will start breeding. There might be more than one male and so they must fight to see who will mate. The male who won may mate with the female. The male will mount the female and pull its scruff. The female makes a yowling noise as the male pulls out of her. This was because the males' penis has a band of 120-150 backwards pointing spines. The withdrawal of the penis spines rake the walls of the females' vagina which causes ovulation. This is called lordoisis behavior.