800px-Lesser panda standing

A red panda trying to look scarier than is.

Red Pandas Behavior== The red panda are really territorial. Adults are solitary most of the year except for mating season. Red pandas are really quiet except for a little twittering, whistling sounds, and tweeting. Red pandas are known to be both nocturnal and crepuscular. They are seen in tree hollows in the day, making their activity go up in the late afternoon, early evening, and sleeping on branches. Red pandas sleep on a branch with their long legs stretched out, legs dangling if its hot and curled up in a ball with its tail over its face if its cold. The red panda is really heat sensitive with an optimal "well being" temperature from between 66 to 77 f (17 to 25 c) and cannot deal with temperates over 77 f (25 c). After shortly waking up, they clean their fur like a cat. Then rubbing their back, stomache, and sides against trees. Red pandas find food along the ground and though trees. They mark and patrol their territory with using urine and a really weak musk-smelling smell from their anal gland. Red pandas might use their forepaw to bring food to their mouth or place the food directly in their mouth. The snow leopard, humans, and martens are predators of the red panda. If threatened or sense danger they might climb up a rock column and trees. If that does not work then they may stand on their hind legs allowing them to look bigger and use sharp claws to defend themselves.